It just seems…

That I tend to get myself into trouble whenever I read Facebook or the Internet and comment on a story. I am not saying I know everything because I don’t. I do like to comment to help people think on a certain topic or to help solve a problem. But sometimes you run into those trolls that come out of nowhere and call you and fellow commenters names!  Like why?!  What is the point of making someone else feel bad. 

You can tell the troll type but how they comment on everything in a post or news article. They are super obsessed with the topic and suddenly an expert on it. They will shoot you down and call you a fucking idiot all in the same sentence. They seem more there to hurt than inform. And they just seem to not care. Numb. 
I always try to be polite in public spaces whether it’s written or in person. I always make sure that I am not overstepping bounds or taking away liberties from someone else. So it really disturbs me that there are people out there in the world that want to make others hurt. Why is that?

I wonder if they have had such a crappy childhood that they have to take it out on others. Or maybe they had a bad day and their significant other fought with them. Or maybe they are a loner and have no one or any social skills. 

Whatever the case may be I hope they realize that life will never get better unless they try to make it more than what they are now. People are good. I haven’t given up hope yet. And neither should you. 

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