Overall… today was GOOD!

I can’t explain it but it was nice being off of work on vacation. Getting to do the things I have wanted to do. Worked on creating a photo album from scratch. Bought new furniture, read, watched some TV. Heard from some friends which was nice. 

Tomorrow starts the beginning of my 30 year class reunion weekend. Kind of nervous but feeling pumped that people are anxious to say hi to me and catch up. That always feels nice. It will be great to catch up and see what others are doing. I am actually looking forward to it instead of being nervous. 

On the sad side one of my friends lost her dog today. They had to put him down. Made me think back to my pup we had to put down last year. I cried so hard for her and her loss. I hated that day but felt in a sad way a sense of relief because I knew she was no longer in pain. In the last 4 years I have lost a lot of family members. First my dad, my mom and then my pup. It scares me, the loss I have faced. But as they say, I am stronger now because of it. 

This is good to blog and journal. Helps get the cob webs out of my head. 

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