i really need to get into a routine of posting more. I get so busy with life that I tend to forget that I have other things to do. 

Speaking of which I attended a class reunion this weekend. It was a lot of fun and I think it went much smoother this time. I wasn’t entirely sold on the location and it proved to be hot as the AC wasn’t working or just too many people. But it was fun. 

You have several types of people from high school. The jocks, the misfits, the popular kids and the ones who just don’t belong to a group. I am one of the latter. I don’t think I am a geek, wasn’t a jock or a misfit. I just didn’t belong to any group. I tried to get along with everyone. But at these things I don’t know if you revert back to your group or maybe you never left. I did have a few popular kids come up and hug me which was a shock. But then some were the fake laugh and smile that you knew they were not being sincere. 

It’s like I told a few friends who were worried about going. You walk in and act like you own the place. You don’t stutter at who you are or what you have become. You be who you are. I did and I think that is why I had so much fun and had a good time. 

I was also saddened that a lot of people I would have liked to have seen didn’t show. They all had reasons I am sure but I think a few didn’t. Maybe they are over and done with the high school crowd which is great for them but you still want to know how they are and this is that chance to find out. 

Overall it was a good night, I didn’t feel weird, and everyone behaved. Bygones were bygones. 

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