It’s been awhile

Sorry! It’s like life happened and before I knew it I needed to make a post here. The rush of the last summer holiday of the year.  Trying to go camping and failing at that and then a work trip the next day coming home from the camping trip. 

Too. Much. Excitement. 
But what fun it was. 

The failed camping trip we planned at a KOA at the last minute. Never do that because they don’t assign camping spots and you get the crap one if you are last man in. That is what happened to us except we got our money back since the trailer didn’t fit in the spot. We spent a whole weekend day driving around looking for a replacement spot. Most places were taken. A tiny few were open but it wouldn’t have suited us. So after 369 miles we came home. 

Speaking of my dog, she came with us camping, it would have been her first trip, and she got the shaft thanks to KOA (never again). She is such the sweetest animal ever around. God I love her and how she loves to snuggle in the morning or even right now later at night as I sit here in bed and write this. She is a snuggler and a lover. 



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