Happy Fall

Is it fall where you are at?  I love the cooler weather and I am actually hoping for some rain! 

We are in such a drought that we could really use the rainy weather. And from what I have heard we are due for a very wintry winter.  That could be exciting except that I work from home so no snow days for me. Too bad. 

I have heard rumors that this next chapter in the podcast Serial will be about Bowe Bergdahl. Quite a controversial person here in the U.S. I think more than likely he is guilty but I played a what if with my husband tonight. What if he really is innocent and we have put an innocent person behind bars for the rest of his life. I have heard no comments from him or his family which is interesting. So will have to listen in on Serial when it starts again this coming fall. Of course Serial is saying yes he is the next subject then they change their mind and say no he is not. Hmmm.  I am still following their first story about Adnan Syed. I think he is innocent. I am hoping he gets another fairer trial this time. 

It’s been an interesting week thus far. It’s going to be a busy fall for me with lots of work travel. Maybe I can share some of that here. 

Here is one of my dog saying goodnight. 



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